Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Why Economics ? (Part 2)

Back to the old question, why learn economics?
  • People who have known me since childhood might argue that since I am a banker's son, economics becomes a default choice. In that case, I should have opted to study economics in junior college itself but then I preferred science instead.
  • People who have known me in recent years might argue that since I have been working for a leading American Bank for almost 4 years now, econ became an acquired taste. I would hate to disagree but the kind of work that I have been involved with this American Bank has got nothing to do with its core business. I have worked on technologies to keep track of their internal business and cost savings.
  • I figured that the main reason why economics attracts me now is since I have started earning and spending in multiple currencies, living in best of both worlds - from rapidly developing to highly developed, between an economic giant of yesteryears to an economic giant of the future.

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