Sunday, July 1, 2007

How to Learn Economics?

I have been asking the below questions to myself for the past couple of months.

- How to learn Economics ?

- Which is the easiest way to learn Economics ?

I figured out that the answer itself lies in the economics of learning ecomomics i.e. allocation of limited resources. Limited resources being Time, Books, Online material etc. Opportunity Cost also plays an important role.

I basically set out, determined to learn economics the way it would be taught in a graduate school of business, and my findings were about to astonish me the most. Apart from the curriculum itself, some colleges have published the lecture notes, recitations, assignments (MIT OpenCourseWare) while some others have webcast of the lecture itself (UC Berkeley Webcast).

So the remainder of the blogs are going to be my learnings of economics with the aid of the above resources, and other resources that I might come across. Like I mentioned earlier, opportunity cost is going to play a crucial role. We will find out how.

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