Friday, September 28, 2007

10 businesses facing extinction in 10 years

MSNBC lists down 10 businesses that might go extinct during the next decade. Lets examine each of them

1) Record stores
Online music stores are slaughtering record stores. Could this phenomenon be carried over to other kinds of stores as well? There is hardly anything that can not be purchased online.

2) Camera film manufacturing
Photoprinting is also reducing, but might not go extinct. I recently bought a photoprinter myself.

3) Crop dusters
Sorry what?

4) Gay Bars
Yeah right !!

5) Newspapers
Even though I like my epaper, the touch, the smell, the feel of newspaper and its ink is irreplaceable.

6) Pay phones
Imagine this for the next decade- WiFi everywhere, WiFi enabled PDA. Now connect to Google Talk over the WiFi Internet and speak to any one across the globe. All that you have to imagine is that every person on this earth has a Google account and is always logged on :-)

7) Used bookstore
What did I tell you in my point about Record stores

8) Piggy Banks
We won't have Piggy Banks anymore. In fact, we would be seeing fewer real banks (branches) too.

9) Telemarketing
Go back to point 6. As long as Google is being used, marketing is covered

10) Coin operated arcades
Sorry I am lost.

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