Monday, September 3, 2007

Why Your Boss Is Overpaid ?

Does the following line strike any resemblance to your life? "My boss and I work almost the same number of hours. In fact, I have done 'his/her' work most of the time and he/she takes credit for it. Not only credit, he/she also takes a fat pay check".
An economist's answer to the above (fat pay check) is called Tournament Theory. An article in Forbes concurs the same.
The ugly truth is that your boss is probably overpaid--and it's for your benefit, not his. Why? It might be because he isn't being paid for the work he does but, rather, to inspire you. In other words, we work our socks off in underpaying jobs in the hope that one day we'll win the rat race and become overpaid fat cats ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Do you think that happens?We end up working and boss continues to get fat pay check which is the common case.

Supreeth Kini said...

It happens quite often...not just in Dilbert comics