Sunday, August 19, 2007

Economic Blog vs Photography Portfolio

My "economics blogging" activity had been dormant during the last week. That does not mean that I have not been reading about economics. It could only mean that my opportunity cost towards another activity was more favourable. I have been spending time building my photography portfolio. Photography has been my hobby way before my interest in economics but recently the photographic hobby is seeing a new chapter. I have been reading and experimenting with post processing techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Photomatix. But the economic question which remains unanswered is what are the incentives that define my behaviour of choosing to work on my portfolio vs blogging about economics? (Still trying to think of an answer)

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Sharath said...

Possible incentive - How often have you heard a girl talk about some guy's sound knowledge of economics ...... on the other hand, a good photographer will always make any girl look better than she does :) ...infact being an economist, one is more likely to appear cold, heartless and calculative to her :(

Of course, sometimes the only incentive is you don't feel like doing something, "Just like that", for reasons that cannot necessarily be outlined ....