Friday, August 24, 2007

Bargain vs Fair Price

Scene One - Bargain
National Market, Bangalore – Customer enters the air cooled shopping complex. He is flocked by sellers. “…yes…hello sir, shoes belts watches ….” The list goes on. Customer sees an item he likes.

“How much does it cost?”
“Top item sir….imported…only Rs 1500…full guarantee”
“No no…too costly…I will pay 600”
“Sir latest item, you won’t find anywhere else….best in class, yours for 1200 only”
“That’s too much…I will pay 700 max”
“Tell me a final price, 900…”
“No no…750”
“Ok 800”

Scene Two – Fair price
Forum Mall, Bangalore – Customer enters the air cooled shopping mall. He enters the desired shop.

“Hello sir how may I help you”
“I need one ….”
“Sure that’s the item selling like hot cakes….only Rs 999.90….discount price for the festival”
“Seems good…I will have one”
“Sir, cash or card?”
“Credit card”
“Final price 1200 after VAT”

Let’s forget the quality of the product being sold here. How does bargaining fair against fair price? Or is fair price really fair since the customer is not given a fair chance to bargain?

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