Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When the popcorn grew bigger that ticket

I came across an interesting article about how the cost of a movie ticket and a bag of popcorn have increased over the past 80 years. The author states some Hollywood economics here (Hollywood takes a majority of ticket proceeds during the first of the film's release) and also adds that the facilities such as stadium seats and surround sound systems are the causes for the rise of popcorn prices by over 666%.

Is hiking popcorn prices the only way to meet the expenses? Why not increase the price of the ticket itself. In India for example, the multiplexes can charge the movie-goer an additional "air conditioning surcharge". And again, we would not want to increase the price of the ticket alone that reduces the number of movie-goers and increases the revenues of blockbusters and netflixers.

Can we have a model such that the price rise is balanced between the popcorn and the ticket?

PS: The only solution that I can think of at this moment is for Hollywood to produce better movies that run for several weeks. Mr. Boyle, how about another flick sometime soon.

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