Monday, January 19, 2009

Economic Stimulus (Part 1)

We all know what happens as we move on from autumn to winter season. The deciduous trees shed leaves primarily because the high costs involved in their maintenance would outweigh the benefits from photosynthesis during the winter period of low light availability and cold temperatures. And in spring the we see growth, renewal and new life. But can we stimulate spring during winter and expect similar results in terms of growth? I am not an expert in that field but a similar attempt is being made (and has been made in the past too), to stimulate growth back into the economies world wide.

The argument is made that people are suffering from a decline in income, and thus the government should give them money so they can buy more and put others back to work. Sounds good - but where does the government get the money? It must either tax someone else now or borrow more money, which diverts productive saving to current consumption. Either way, it is less than a zero-sum game.

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